Garage door repairs and servicing

It is important to annually inspect and service your garage door and automation to ensure they work at peak performance and to prolong the life of your garage door and motor.

Servicing your Garage door and automation addresses wear and tear issues before they develop into major safety concerns. Some parts of your garage door are under extreme tension, so do not attempt to adjust, repair or remove any parts or anything attached to them. If a problem arises then call a trained garage door specialist, who can service the parts and make any necessary adjustments and repairs.

Garage Door Servicing - Tighten all fittings

All major garage door manufacturers recommend that your garage door and automation are serviced annually.

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Gavin has been passionate about garage doors since he installed his first one over 15 years ago. "It's a great feeling to see the customers reaction every time a new door is fitted, it's a reaction that we look forward to every day".

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