Garage door security

Whether your garage door is attached to your home or not, it is important that your security needs are met. In order to protect the contents of your garage and to protect the rest of your property, your garage door should have a good basic level of security. You may think that what you currently have is good enough, but if you are becoming more aware of property crime in your area, a review of your garage security may be needed.

You may think that it’s difficult to break into a garage door. Whilst this is true with most modern garage doors, those which are of a certain age and those which have not been professionally or properly installed can be broken into in as little as 6 seconds.


New garage doors can and should have a number of security features which come as standard. All the new garage doors we supply and install are from manufacturers who make the best quality garage doors on the market. They’ve been making, testing and improving garage doors for a number of years.  As methods of gaining entry are noted and modifications which protect known weak-points have been implemented into all new doors.


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